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Marko: 'Verstappen already saw duel Alonso/Hamilton on screens during race'

Marko: 'Verstappen already saw duel Alonso/Hamilton on screens during race'

08-03-2023 12:50 Last update: 16:36

Helmut Marko has given Mercedes a jab. For years, Red Bull Racing were not competitive in Formula 1, while Mercedes managed to dominate in those seasons. The roles have now reversed, but there is one important difference, according to Marko: Red Bull itself was not responsible for being uncompetitive for a long period. Mercedes is, according to the 79-year-old Austrian.

Verstappen had time to spare in Bahrain

Marko does not know whether Fernando Alonso can win another Grand Prix this year after a long time. "That depends on what else they have in store. In any case, the duel with [Lewis] Hamilton was worth watching - nail-biting, fair but with incredible skills. By the way, I wanted to show this footage to Max after the race, but he said he had seen everything on the big screens anyway, while he was leading the race," laughed the adviser, who did not detect a drop of sweat on Verstappen's face afterwards.

The Dutchman had all the time in the world and didn't have to exert himself excessively as the RB19 was SO superior. Whether that reminds Marko of Mercedes' dominance in the past? "The difference is: back then we got a 50 hp weaker engine from Renault. Mercedes is entirely responsible for the lack of chances [for wins]," he said to OE24.

Red Bull and Mercedes not on the same page

Toto Wolff revealed after the weekend in Bahrain that he was very impressed with the Red Bull drivers' tyre management. The Milton Keynes-based team's 2023 car is very economical with its tyres, allowing it to extend stints a lot easier than the competition. If Red Bull can keep this up, Wolff thinks we will only see Verstappen or Perez climbing the top step of the podium in 2023.

Marko will no doubt take it as a compliment, yet he disagreed with his compatriot. "That's nonsense, you can't say that after one race. You only have to get the set-up wrong once, as happened to us in Brazil last year." Moreover, he said the Bahrain International Circuit is also not representative of the rest of the year, as it is a very specific circuit of its kind.