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Stroll Sr. visions Aston Martin to grab world title: 'We are going to win'

Stroll Sr. visions Aston Martin to grab world title: 'We are going to win'

07-03-2023 10:53 Last update: 14:19


Lawrence Stroll must have felt a happy man after last race weekend. The businessman, and father of driver Lance Stroll, saw 'his' Aston Martin appear on the podium. Speaking to Sky Sports , the Canadian explained what the success means to him and what is in store for the future.

After a blood-curdling battle on track with Lewis Hamilton and Carlos Sainz, experienced driver Fernando Alonso managed to secure third place in Bahrain. It marked the second podium finish for the Aston Martin team, following Sebastian Vettel's second place at the 2021 Hungarian Grand Prix. Lawrence Stroll, however, does not think it will stop at second -or third-place finishes. "The harder I work the luckier I get", sai, Stroll Sr., who sounded elated.

World title for Aston Martin

Aston Martin is going to fight for the world title, Stroll believes. "I said a couple of years back, we are on a five year journey to be fighting for World Championships. I met a lot of doubters when I said that and I can understand that given our position when I said that." A lot has changed since then. "I've made, we've made significant changes. We have the greatest state of the art facility that we don't move into until May 1st, so the success of this year can't be contributed to this."

Stroll's vision

Stroll is bursting with confidence. "We have a vision. We are going to win. We are following what I said two years ago. This is the first step (Alonso's podium) we've taken in the journey. I couldn't be more proud. I'd like to thank my son who I am a very proud father of. We were in surgery and Lance told me we are going to Bahrain."