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Andretti-Cadillac confirms: 'Documents for F1 entry submitted to FIA'

Andretti-Cadillac confirms: 'Documents for F1 entry submitted to FIA'

26-02-2023 14:43 Last update: 15:12

It's no surprise, but now it's official: Andretti-Cadillac has officially filed the Expression of Interest with the FIA, to join Formula 1. Cadillac let GPblog know this on Sunday.

"We are very confident that with our combined, strong competences in racing, we form a truly American team that enhances enthusiasm for F1 racing worldwide," a spokesperson revealed. "We appreciate the FIA's transparency and fair process in expanding the F1 grid."

Higher entrance fee

It is not made easy for Michael Andretti and associates to make an entrance into Formula 1. The resistance from the other teams is and remains great, even though the FIA has opened a route for new teams. This Sunday it came out via that the teams want to increase the entry fee considerably. Previously it was said that new teams had to pay two hundred million dollars, now the other teams appear to increase this amount to be six hundred million dollars.

A large majority of the ten teams in Formula 1 do not want to expand the grid, because the prize money would then have to be divided by eleven (or perhaps twelve, if two teams are added). The FIA is in favor of expanding the number of Formula 1 teams. Andretti-Cadillac is the team most clearly looking to join.