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'Red Bull would have been the better team for Mick Schumacher'

'Red Bull would have been the better team for Mick Schumacher'

22-02-2023 08:45 Last update: 09:18


Mick Schumacher will have to watch Formula 1 from the sidelines this year. The German lost his seat at Haas and was included as a reserve driver at Mercedes. According to Bernie Ecclestone, this could have been avoided.

The former F1 owner told Bild that things could have been different for Mick if his father, Michael Schumacher, had not had the ski accident in 2013: "Michael could have given his son so much advice with his experience. He would have shown him the right way, as a driver, but also politically."

'Mick is a better fit for Red Bull Racing'

With this, according to the Brit, Mick would probably not have lost his seat on the grid. The political aspect cited by Ecclestone refers to Haas' actions. Mick was, according to him, actually in the wrong team: "Red Bull would have been better for him. They would have looked after him much more and helped him grow."

Of course, the question is to what extent the young Schumacher would have been given a chance at all at the Austrian team. In any case, he is currently happy with the chance Mercedes is giving him.