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'It is important that Formula 1 has a championship for women'

'It is important that Formula 1 has a championship for women'

13-02-2023 14:35 Last update: 17:19


'The future is female': a message that is starting to sound more realistic in the world of Formula 1 as more and more female drivers can be found in the various racing classes. ART Grand Prix announced, in an official statement, its second driver for this year's F1 Academy championship.

It concerns Carrie Schreiner, twenty-four years old. The German has, among other things, experience in several Formula 4 championships and the 24 Hours of Nürburgring. Her teammate will be Swiss Léna Bühler.

A championship for women

“It’s a great honour to be driving for ART Grand Prix. Not many teams have the amount of records they do, or have been champion so many times. I am proud to be joining the list of their drivers and excited about what we can achieve together. I think it’s an important step that F1 has its own championship for women," Schreiner said.

Indeed, that is what is special about the new F1 Academy championship: it consists of five teams with only female participants and is an initiative of F1 itself. The intention is that it will allow women to gain experience and develop greater chances of eventually entering Formula 3, Formula 2, and even F1.