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'Hamilton takes advantage of his losses'

'Hamilton takes advantage of his losses'

10-02-2023 16:25 Last update: 11-02-2023 10:41


Lewis Hamilton is breaking record after record. The Formula 1 super-talent already has seven world championships under his belt and yearns for more. Yet that does not mean he is without setbacks and Andrew Shovlin, Mercedes' technical director, praises the driver's handling of them.

In 2016, the Briton's life was made hard by teammate Nico Rosberg; in the past two years, Max Verstappen and Red Bull Racing have took the big prizes. Yet Hamilton is not letting this get to him and is working hard with his team to find solutions.

Not a bad loser

Shovlin, at BBC, does speak highly of the driver's attitude and work ethic. He previously indicated that Hamilton never gives up because of his love of winning. Nobody loves losing, but there is a difference in how drivers deal with it, according to the Mercedes chief:

"He's actually better at losing than most I've seen because of how diligently he goes through the block of work of understanding what he needs to be better, where did he miss the opportunities. He doesn't enjoy it, but it's about the result at the next race, not whether he's smiling or giving a nice interview."

2023 will show whether the Brit will actually benefit from the team's losses in 2022 and be rewarded with a championship win.