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BMW's return to Formula 1 unlikely

BMW's return to Formula 1 unlikely

07-02-2023 19:11 Last update: 08-02-2023 08:23


From 2026, new technical and financial regulations will be introduced in Formula 1. All this should make the sport more attractive to new manufacturers. Nevertheless, BMW, which competed from 2006 to 2009 as BMW Sauber, don't want to enter the sport again.

Andreas Roos is the motorsport boss at the German brand and does not see the steps F1 is taking as an attractive progression, he told Speedcafe.com. Roos calls the hybrid system that F1 will use from 2026 irrelevant because they are behind the times.

“And so in 2026, they go to a hybrid system which you already see in cars. But this happens in 2026. We do the IMSA championship already and the WEC from next year on with a hybrid system, which has road relevance. So this is for us already, basically three years earlier.”

Sustainable fuel 

Roos also maps that this is the same with fuel. According to him, sustainable fuel is already being used in endurance racing and in F1 that will happen from 2026 onwards. So, all in all, there is really no reason for BMW to rejoin the sport, says Roos.