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Windsor scathing about Verstappen: 'He should be an example'

Windsor scathing about Verstappen: 'He should be an example'

06-02-2023 12:53 Last update: 16:12


Peter Windsor has little good to say about Max Verstappen's behaviour at the virtual 24 Hours of Le Mans. During a livestream on Twitch Windsor harshly criticised Verstappen after the Dutchman withdrew from the race.

Verstappen decided to retire early from the virtual 24 Hours of Le Mans earlier this year. Problems with the server prevented the Dutchman from continuing driving for some time. When he finally had a stable connection again, race control decided not to give Verstappen back the lost laps. Verstappen and Team Redline therefore parked the car and did not continue the race.

Verstappen, however, did not leave it at that. In the team's livestream, Verstappen lashed out hard at the game and the race management, calling the whole event "a clown show". He also made it clear that he will never compete for the championship again.

'He should be an example'

Windsor finds this behaviour unacceptable. "It’s a bit petulant, that, actually," the Formula One journalist responded. "He got a bit upset because some sim thing he was doing – a Le Mans race, I think – packed up before the end of the race. This is a double World Champion – who should be setting an example to the younger generation and the generation he’s in – who got annoyed about it as if technology failures never happen."

"I mean, come on," Windsor continued. "I’m a Max fan but somebody around him needs to be saying, ‘Max, Max, Max. Stay calm. Stay who you are. Don’t become a petulant twit, because that’s just ridiculous.’ A World Champion needs to show a little bit of decorum and a little bit of dignity, and needs to set a bit of an example of not getting angry or upset or frustrated over things other than things to do with his own world – in the cockpit in which he’s racing and the car in which he’s driving. But to start getting annoyed about sim games going wrong is petulant. I’ve used the word three times now and I don’t regret it."