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Horner explains choice for Ford: 'Red Bull and Honda have different paths'

Horner explains choice for Ford: 'Red Bull and Honda have different paths'

03-02-2023 20:37 Last update: 04-02-2023 08:35

Red Bull Racing has signed up with Ford as an engine manufacturer from the 2026 Formula 1 season, and that automatically means that its partnership with Honda will end for good at the end of 2025. Christian Horner explains why his team has not chosen to continue with Honda even after the new engine regulations are introduced.

The cooperation between Red Bull and Honda has been very successful and remains so today. Horner stressed that Ford's announcement will not affect the working relationship with Honda and the two parties will therefore continue to work closely together until the introduction of the new engine regulations.

Red Bull and Honda to part ways in 2026

"We've had an incredible partnership with Honda and when they initially announced their withdrawal from Formula 1 in 2020, it was with great sadness and that's what prompted the creation of Red Bull Powertrains, to take control of our own future," Horner told GPblog among others.

Honda did not completely withdraw from the sport, however, and retained its cooperation with Red Bull, only to intensify it again from the 2022 Japanese Grand Prix onwards. "Honda thankfully to agree to continue to supply engines to the end of 2025," added the Red Bull team boss. This gives the team the chance to be fully operational as an engine manufacturer when the new engine regulations take effect.

The partnership with the Japanese engine manufacturer will therefore continue as normal until the last race of 2025, Horner stressed. Why it was chosen not to continue together after that year is simply because the two parties' paths will separate in 2026. "Our paths are different for the 2026 season and we wish Honda the very best of luck for 2026," Horner concluded. Both Honda and Red Bull Ford have now registered with the FIA as engine manufacturers for the 2026 to 2030 F1 seasons.