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Ford won't comment on possible partnership with Red Bull

Ford won't comment on possible partnership with Red Bull

27-01-2023 15:19 Last update: 28-01-2023 09:28


Ford is considering a move into Formula One in the future, Mark Rushbrook confirmed in an interview with Motorsport.com. However, its Global Director would not comment on the possible partnership with Red Bull Racing.

Since Honda's departure, Red Bull has been searching diligently for a partnership with an engine supplier. To do so, it entered talks with Porsche, among others, but these ultimately came to nothing. Ford is still a possibility.

Talks between the two parties are reportedly at an advanced stage and a deal is in the air, although Ford would not comment on this. In fact, the collaboration would take place as early as the upcoming season. According to Rushbrook, Ford is indeed considering joining Formula 1.

"We don't comment on rumours," he responded to the situation. "But it's the same as with all the other championships out there. It is up to us to look at and then make a decision whether or not it is wise for us to participate in a particular class."

Possible announcement of new engine partner

There is a chance that Red Bull will also announce the new engine partner next week, when it launches the RB19. Adrian Newey and Christian Horner will also be present to explain the new car that Red Bull will compete with in 2023.