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Susie Wolff learned from F1 period: 'That was part of what I was used to'

25 January at 10:00
Last update 25 January at 12:10
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Susie Wolff thinks it is great to see a young woman like Jamie Chadwick having the dream of one day driving in Formula 1. The Brit is convinced that the step up to the motorsport class is achievable, although it will take some willpower.

After Giovanna Amati, Wolff became the second woman ever to compete in a Formula 1 car at a Grand Prix in 2014. On behalf of Williams, she was allowed to get behind the wheel during two free practice sessions that year, before the team gave her these opportunities again a year later.

Although she is still grateful to Williams, the period was not easy for her. "There were some very tough moments along the way, walking into a garage and people having a lot of scepticism when they see you in the car, so you felt you had to prove yourself more than your male counterparts. That was part and parcel of what I was used to," she said in an interview with The Irish Times.

However, Wolff grew stronger from the situation and fought for what she was worth. After the 2015 season, she decided to quit as a racing driver, which meant she never fully broke through in Formula 1. She did learn an important life lesson: "I realised performance is power."

Advice from Wolff

In the coming years, she hopes to see more women in motorsport. "We just need more young women entering the sport, there are just not enough women competing to rise to the top. Naturally it would help to have one young woman racing, I believe when you can see it you can believe it, open up the sport, make it more accessible and you will inspire the next generation."