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Correa returns to F2 after crash: 'Proud to have come this far again'

Correa returns to F2 after crash: 'Proud to have come this far again'

20-01-2023 20:00


Juan Manuel Correa will return to Formula 2 in 2023. The Ecuadorian-born driver has come a long way to return to this level and is confident about the upcoming season at Van Amersfoort Racing. He spoke to GPblog.

Back in Formula 2

Back in 2019, Correa made his debut in F2 on behalf of the Charouz team, but his racing career seemed to come to an end after the terrifying crash at Spa-Francorchamps that tragically cost Anthoine Hubert his life. Correa battled back, however, and can be admired again in F2 in 2023.

"It’s very exciting. It’s been my goal to be back since I returned to racing. To finally be here is super exciting. I am very happy, also proud to have made it this far again. Just looking forward to the start of the season," said the driver who will be in action with a US racing licence.

The 23-year-old driver made his return to racing in 2021. In Formula 3, ART Grand Prix gave him the chance to race again at a high level and in 2022 he remained active for the French team in F3. In those two seasons, he was on the podium twice and eventually finished 13th in the standings. He got another delight at the end of the season when he made his comeback in F2 as a substitute with Van Amersfoort.

Opportunity at Van Amersfoort

In 2023, Correa has a permanent seat with the Dutch team and he is visibly happy about that. "I feel I am in a good spot competitively. I feel good. I am fit and I feel sharp. I also feel like there are still a lot of things where I have to improve. That’s the reason why I am [in F2]. To keep growing as a driver, keep getting better. Learning little by little. I want to see the progression through the season."

Asked what specifically he wants to work on, Correa had the answer ready: "I think I need to work a little bit on qualifying. Just putting the weekend together more consistently. That’s where I struggle the most in F3. Then I am sure there will be specific things relating to the F2 car that I need to work on with my driving style but at the moment, not one big thing where I’m lacking, just starting to put everything together and getting results," Correa concluded.

The Ecuadorian returns in F2 at Van Amersfoort Racing, who finished their first season in tenth place in 2022. Correa has already been on the podium twice in 2019, so like his teammate Richard Verschoor, he brings a lot of experience with him.

GPblog recorded an extensive interview with Juan Manuel Correa. The whole interview will soon be available on GPblog.com. Interviews with Richard Verschoor (Correa's teammate) and team boss Frits van Amersfoort will also appear.