Sulayem: 'FIA not a platform for drivers' personal issues'

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FIA does not want to be a platform for personal issues drivers
10 January at 07:34
Last update 10 January at 08:46

The FIA introduced a ban on political, personal and religious statements during Grands Prix weekends a few weeks ago. Mohammed Ben Sulayem believes the rule is necessary to maintain the neutrality of the FIA.

Under the new rule in the International Sporting Code, drivers must now seek permission from the FIA before making political statements in public. The FIA is keen to maintain political neutrality and such issues are not always part of that. Sulayem stresses that the FIA still considers diversity important, but would prefer not to use the governing body as a loudspeaker for drivers' political statements.

"The FIA was created for the sport, but it should also build bridges and use the sport to achieve peace and other aspects. But we don't want the FIA to become a platform for personal issues", the FIA president is quoted by

Drivers must focus on racing

In recent seasons, Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel, in particular, came out a lot with their activism. On several occasions, the two world champions wore T-shirts with statements on social issues. Sulayem believes, however, that drivers have plenty of other options to express themselves. "What can drivers do best? Drive, because they are responsible for the show, they are the stars. Nobody is stopping them. There are other platforms to express what they want, they all have them and they are more than welcome to do that."

The FIA president argues that he also has his own goals, but that he does not think the FIA is the right place for them. "We are not silencing any driver. I have my personal thoughts, but that does not mean I use the FIA for that," Sulayem ends.