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Ex-employee Red Bull praises CTO of his new team

Ex-employee Red Bull praises CTO of his new team

01-01-2023 19:12 Last update: 20:56


In April 2022, Dan Fallows swapped Red Bull for English team Aston Martin to become technical director. There may have been some question marks over what that would mean for Chief Technology Officer Andrew Green, but Fallows indicates that he still plays a vital role within the team.

"Andrew is still our Chief Technical Officer and heavily involved in development. We are putting together a team and that involves the designers, the aero department and also the lead technical team," said the technical director at Speedweek.com.


Whereas Fallows was until recently head of aerodynamics at Red Bull and new to his position as technical director at Aston Martin, Green is a man of considerable experience. Fallows also praises him for his leadership skills.

"When we had conversations where we needed to clarify how we work together in certain areas, he managed it all fantastically. In that supervisory role, he was invaluable."

Fallows left highly successful Red Bull for Lawrence Stroll's team. Aston Martin, following last season, appears to be nowhere near the top teams. Together with next year's new line-up (Lance Stroll and Fernando Alonso) we are going to find out whether Fallows and Green manage to improve the car further.