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Verstappen wants to stay at the top: 'Motivation to win is even greater'

Verstappen wants to stay at the top: 'Motivation to win is even greater'

26-12-2022 09:36 Last update: 10:05

Max Verstappen is looking confidently towards 2023. In Viaplay's Verstappen - Lion Unleashed 2, the Dutchman looks ahead to the upcoming Formula 1 season together with his father.

Strong base for the RB18

With a record 15 wins in a single season, Verstappen experienced a historic 2022, winning his second world title in a row. With regulations remaining pretty much the same, you would expect Red Bull Racing's driver to come out on top again in 2023. Jos Verstappen and his son are therefore confident.

''Our base is good I think. If they (Red Bull) build on this and choose the right direction, then hopefully we can have another shot at the championship,'' says father Jos in the film published on Viaplay on Boxing Day.

''It's all about how we come out of the winter and improve the car. I trust the people at the factory to design another great car. During the winter break, I will focus again on next year,'' said the youngest Verstappen. According to Jos, there is no need to worry about Max's motivation: ''If you put Max in a race car with a helmet on, he is motivated. That's simple.''

Focus on F1 in 2023

Yet there is also hope in Verstappen's camp that the competition is getting a little closer. In 2022, Verstappen finished 146 points ahead of number two Charles Leclerc. ''I hope they come closer, but just behind me,'' Verstappen jokes about that.

Although Verstappen has indicated he does not want to drive around in F1 forever, he is not yet satisfied after two world titles. ''The motivation to win is even greater than before. It's nice to be at the top and that's where you try to stay,'' said the Red Bull leader.