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Ricciardo hopes: 'I'm not treating it like it's my last race ever'

Ricciardo hopes: 'I'm not treating it like it's my last race ever'

17-11-2022 13:07


Daniel Ricciardo will start his last Grand Prix for McLaren this weekend. The two sides will part ways at the end of the season, leaving the Australian without a permanent team after the winter break. At the press conference, Ricciardo told GPblog, among other things, that he is hopeful for the future.

"I'm not treating it as if it's my last race ever. It could be," Ricciardo begins his outlook towards the Abu Dhabi GP. "I know nothing is guaranteed in the future. I'm going to enjoy it and won't get emotional about it."

Behind the scenes, Ricciardo is reportedly talking to both Mercedes and Red Bull Racing about the role of reserve driver. The current teammate of Lando Norris is trying to stay close to Formula 1 in this way, so that he can regain a place on the grid in 2024.

Ricciardo does not deny that talks are taking place, but he says nothing is clear as yet. "Nothing has been confirmed. Progress is being made, so we will see. Hopefully you will see some of my good looks again next year," the driver said.

Ricciardo praises Vettel for personality

He is also reacting to Sebastian Vettel's upcoming departure. The German is quitting his Formula 1 career after the Abu Dhabi GP and is receiving plenty of compliments. According to Ricciardo, Vettel was always a caring person who cared a lot about the sport.