'If Verstappen gets a new engine, it will be in Abu Dhabi'

01-12-2021 11:02 | Updated: 01-12-2021 12:44
by GPblog.com
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 'If Verstappen gets a new engine, it will be in Abu Dhabi'

According to Helmut Marko there is no truth in the rumours that Max Verstappen will get a new engine in one of the last Grands Prix. He does see a chance for it in Abu Dhabi.

The battle for the world title between Lewis Hamilton and Verstappen in 2021 is a very exciting one. Mercedes and Red Bull Racing are trying everything they can on and off the track to beat the other and in Brazil Mercedes seemed to have found a new weapon. Hamilton took a new engine and were so much faster than the competition.

New engine for Verstappen

In recent weeks it was rumoured that Honda would now consider giving Verstappen a new engine as well. To F1-insider.com Marko denied this. "An engine change is currently not planned for Saudi Arabia. If there will be an engine change, it will be in Abu Dhabi."

At this point, that seems like a remarkable comment from the Austrian, as Red Bull would then deliberately choose to give Verstappen a grid penalty of five spots for the final and all-decisive GP of this season. However, it could also be a distraction for Mercedes.

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