Verstappen shines in new Drive to Survive trailer

16-02-2023 16:07 Last update: 16-02-2023 17:50

On 24 February 2023, the fifth season of Drive to Survive will be released on Netflix. The new trailer appeared on Youtube and Max Verstappen is highlighted in a pretty epic way.

In the first twenty seconds of the trailer, we see the reigning World Champion on screen. He lets viewers know what it means to be a Formula One driver. One of the things he says: "When I'm in the car, I will never give up." After this introduction from the Dutchman, the Netflix logo comes on screen and we see the rest of the trailer. It will certainly be an exciting season.

What can we expect?

Everyone is curious to see what this season will look like. Verstappen initially hesitated to rejoin, but after consulting Netflix, he will be back in the series after all. In what daylight they will place him remains to be seen. GPblog was allowed to watch the fifth season ahead of time and has explained a little bit about what to expect as a viewer here.