Verstappen jokes in his stream about Mother's Day: 'I am not a mother'


Verstappen jokes about Mother's Day in his stream
13 May at 10:00
  • Renate van Holst

Whilst the UK celebrated Mother's Day in March, across other territories such as Europe and the US, they celebrated on Sunday. Many drivers posted on their social media about their mothers, Max Verstappen included. Yet the Dutchman could not resist making a joke during his stream.

Mother's Day will not be celebrated for Verstappen

During his Twitch stream, Max Verstappen was asked if it was Mother's Day in the Netherlands. When he confirmed that it was indeed Mother's Day, he was congratulated on the holiday. Verstappen responded in his typically humorous way: "But I'm not a mother." His remark immediately caused laughter among his fellow streamers.

Besides his joke, Verstappen did make a post on X (former Twitter), highlighting all the mothers in his life in the photo.

@maxv1stappen_ Max you are mother (and father) @Team Redline #MaxVerstappen #f1 #formula1 original sound - Maxv1stappen