Verstappen on Horner investigation: 'Fine if it gets resolved'

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Verstappen hopes Horner investigation will be resolved
23 February at 12:18
Last update 23 February at 12:45

Christian Horner remains the talk of the day in the Formula 1 paddock. While the investigation is still ongoing, Horner is simply attending the winter test in Bahrain in his role as Red Bull Racing team boss. Max Verstappen is once again facing charges.

Verstappen: 'Fine if it gets resolved'

Earlier, Horner indicated that the investigation is causing distractions within the team, but that everyone is doing their best to stay focused. It is no different for Verstappen: "It is better that I just focus on my own performance because that's already a day job." In addition, he stresses once again that he cannot say much about the substance of the case.

He continues: "I think it's, obviously, nice for everyone when things are resolved. But that's the only thing I can say about that. Everyone who is here is focused on the performance of the car, as they should. Everyone knows their role, and everyone is very focused on making the whole package faster."

Meanwhile, there is still no word on when the investigation will be completed. What is clear, however, is that talks have been held with all parties involved. Not only Horner and the Red Bull employee who made the complaint have answered questions, but talks have also been held with other team members, including Adrian Newey.