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Verstappen wants to keep F1 rules the same for longer for more spectacle

Verstappen wants to keep F1 rules the same for longer for more spectacle

11 February - 16:00

Max Verstappen believes that keeping Formula 1 regulations stable could ultimately have a positive effect on the spectacle and competitiveness in the sport. This way, the field will naturally come closer together over time, according to the Red Bull Racing driver.

The 2023 F1 season was marked by an unprecedented dominance of the Red Bull and Verstappen combination. The Austrian racing stable may have had a huge lead over the rest, but behind them the rival teams were getting closer and closer. In particular, exciting duels were seen between McLaren, Mercedes, Ferrari and, earlier in the season, Aston Martin on several occasions.

Eventually, the other teams will also get closer and closer to Red Bull. This expectation was expressed not only by Verstappen, but also by other prominent team members such as team principal Christian Horner and Chief Technical Officer Adrian Newey.

Verstappen wants to keep F1 regulations the same

Verstappen therefore thinks that the way to create more spectacle is to keep the regulations the same for a longer period of time. "The longer you leave the regulations the same, the closer everyone gets. Everyone then understands in which direction they have to develop," the Dutchman said in conversation with

Especially with the current generation of cars, Verstappen sees the possibility of that happening, as he feels there is less potential in terms of further development than the previous generation of F1 cars. He thinks that with the current regulations, rival teams can get closer more easily and quickly than in previous years.

To a certain extent, Verstappen expects to see this already this year, although he immediately adds that Red Bull sees this as additional motivation to get as much out of the car as possible. Should the teams indeed move closer together in 2024 or 2025, they will not be able to enjoy this for long. This is because in 2026, the regulations will be changed again.