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Doubts over Marko staying at Red Bull: 'It's a complex issue'

Doubts over Marko staying at Red Bull: 'It's a complex issue'

16-12-2023 08:00 Last update: 08:04

Ludo van Denderen

Helmut Marko is now 80 years old, an age when many have retired but that's not the case for Red Bull Racing's external advisor: he remains active with his Austrian-based companies and could remain involved with the Austrian F1 team in the coming years. Yet the latter still appears far from certain, Marko informs oe24.

Marko is currently enjoying his free time in his hometown of Graz, after a long year in Formula 1. Not only is Marko always busy with Red Bull Racing, the Austrian is also involved with their sister team, AlphaTauri. There are rumours that this will come to an end as of next season. Marko responds: "There are different trends and variants. The decisions are still open, including what I will do after this. My current contract runs until the end of 2024."

Marko mentions 'complex issue'

Indeed, it does not appear to be a foregone conclusion that the Austrian will continue to work for Red Bull in the F1 paddock after the upcoming season. Earlier, Max Verstappen indicated he did not want the man who gave him a chance in Formula 1 to leave, but that option certainly remains open.

"This is a complex issue," Marko said. "Of course I also have an obligation to Red Bull and Max. Still, the total package has to be right. Nothing has been decided yet."

Several months ago, a report emerged from Brazil that Marko might be sidelined by the new Red Bull management. This was eventually firmly acknowledged by Marko. It is unclear whether the Austrian is referring to the company's leadership by saying "complex issue."