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Van der Garde puts end to motorsport career

Van der Garde puts end to motorsport career

16-12-2023 07:12
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Toby McLuskie

After a long career in motorsport, Giedo van der Garde thinks it has been enough. The Amsterdam native is quitting racing with immediate effect, Van der Garde told De Telegraaf.

Van der Garde competed in Formula 1 for one season in 2013. That year, he drove for the modest Caterham. A year later, Van der Garde became a test driver at Sauber. In 2015, the Dutchman thought he was contractually entitled to a racing seat at Sauber, but the Swiss tean still opted for another driver. Thereupon, Van der Garde went to court. The latter did not have to rule on the validity of the commitment, as both parties eventually reached a million-dollar settlement.

Van der Garde felt the years were starting to count

Now Van der Garde thinks it has been enough:"Racing, especially in America, takes up so much time. Here in the Netherlands, I'm busy with my business and I have a wife and three children. I notice that I don't want to do anything half-assed. And yes, the years are starting to count. I do notice that I am starting to become a bit slower and less sharp. The pleasure in racing ebbed away a bit and in August I smashed into the wall at 200 kilometres per hour. Then I thought: what am I actually doing? I'm going to focus on my family, business and my television work at Viaplay in 2024."

In recent seasons, Van der Garde was still competing in the World Endurance Championship and its American counterpart IMSA. In the latter class, Petit Le Mans turned out to be his last race a few weeks ago.