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Lewis Hamilton leaves cup at FIA gala

Another chapter in FIA drama? Hamilton leaves cup behind

10 December at 11:00
  • Toby McLuskie

Lewis Hamilton received an award for third place in the drivers' championship at the FIA Prize Giving Gala in Baku. Now it seemed for a moment that he had left the prize there again last Friday. Indeed, someone then posted a picture on Twitter that he had the trophy at home, having allegedly received it from the British driver. Mercedes let it be known in a statement that this is not true.

This week was mainly dominated by the investigation into a conflict of interest in which Susie and Toto Wolff played the lead roles. The FIA indicated that there had been signals from the media and from the team bosses for this, but all teams subsequently indicated in a statement that they had not requested an investigation. A day later, the FIA therefore dropped the investigation.

Hamilton leaves the FIA trophy behind

According to several media outlets, the Briton is said to have left his trophy behind due to this controversy. Hamilton is very unhappy with how the FIA handled this and voiced his criticism sternly during the gala. He defended Susie and described the FIA's actions as unacceptable and disappointing. Hamilton therefore sees the attack on the F1 Academy director as an attack on the fight to get more diversity in the sport. The fact that he left the award he received for third place at the gala could be seen as another expression of his dissatisfaction towards the FIA, according to some media.

This only turns out not to be true, Mercedes reported in a statement this morning. ''Immediately after leaving the podium, and as at previous award ceremonies, Lewis accepted the officials' offer to send the trophy to the team and therefore left it to their care. We can confirm that he did not give the trophy to anyone 'as a gift', as was speculated.''