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Alonso wants to be more than an F1 driver: 'This is how I contribute'

Alonso wants to be more than an F1 driver: 'This is how I contribute'

08-12-2023 13:00

Ludo van Denderen

Fernando Alonso is not present in Baku this Friday, but the Aston Martin Spaniard would have been close to missing out. The top three drivers in the F1 championship are required to attend the annual Gala. Alonso finished in fourth. With that, the two-time champion still outperformed several youngsters, such as Charles Leclerc and Lando Norris.

Alonso and Lewis Hamilton are from one, maybe even two generations ago. They both still stand their ground in Formula 1. Of course, the Aston Martin driver wants to perform himself, but he also sees a different role for himself, which he revealed to GPblog and others. He believes it is important to help young drivers develop further in the sport.

Alonso senses satisfaction

"It is important because I see a lot of drivers now with this passion that I had when I was young. They are just lacking a little bit of knowledge of how this world works and what is important, what is not important, what they will give you good things in the future and what things are just stressing. To see the Formula 4, Formula 3, you guys with so much talent and preparation."

"Now they have these simulators at home. They have these young driver academies in Formula One teams, etc. They just need two or three guidances, and directions. That will help them long term into the motorsport world. So I'm happy to do it. And I feel the satisfaction of everyone that we are in the project," Alonso said.