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Changing course at Red Bull Racing? 'That would be wrong'

14 November at 10:00
  • Toby McLuskie

The RB19 can rightly be called the most successful car Red Bull Racing ever built. Except for one Grand Prix, Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez's team managed to win everything this year. Expectations for 2024 are therefore high. Paul Monaghan, Red Bull's chief engineer, is busy working on the RB20, and can already reveal that it will be an evolution of the current success car.

To Motorsport.com, Monaghan reveals that it would be very unwise to go for a radical new design, especially as the competition seems to be getting closer. Indeed, a complete turnaround would mean a lot of uncertain factors, and it remains to be seen whether a new design actually works. "That would be wrong," he says.

Red Bull in the wind tunnel more often

"But equally, we've got to make some progress. We've got to find some lap time. The opposition is on us and if they do a step, then we'd better have a bigger step," said the Austrian team's chief engineer.

Red Bull Racing has now been freed from the penalty for exceeding the budget cap. As a result, the team is allowed to use the wind tunnel more often again. According to Monaghan, the wind tunnel is mainly about fine-tuning.