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Windsor: Red Bull best team in the history of Formula 1

Windsor: "Red Bull best team in the history of Formula 1"

10-09-2023 15:08 Last update: 15:32

Sam Godber

Max Verstappen will dominate Formula 1 in 2023. The Dutchman won 12 out of 14 races and recorded his tenth win in a row in Italy, breaking a record. Peter Windsor argues that Verstappen has self-earned his current position and calls Red Bull Racing the best team in the history of the sport.

'Verstappen has earned dominance himself'

In 2016, Verstappen made the switch from the then Toro Rosso (now AlphaTauri) to Red Bull. The Dutchman won his first race for the Austrian constructor, but for a car that could compete for victory every Grand Prix weekend, Verstappen had to wait several years. Since 2021, the now two-time world champion does have one and Verstappen is making excellent use of it.

Well-known Formula 1 analyst Windsor argues on his YouTube channel that Verstappen has earned his dominance himself. "Max is in this incredible position and he’s earned it and knowing what he’s doing on Monday morning and knowing he’s got a complete team that believes in him 100% and is there to help him win the next race and just happens to be the best team in the history of Formula 1."

Verstappen is always on the limit

Windsor has many more words of praise for Verstappen. "Some guys were born to kick footballs incredibly well, some guys were born to hit tennis balls, some guys were born to be pole vaulters, and some guys were born to be racing drivers. Racing drivers means to me an innate feel for being able to drive the car on the absolute physical limit of what is possible as distinct from on the edge of disaster. That's a different thing altogether. That's what makes Formula 1 so intriguing and we're seeing it with Max at the moment, and we should really celebrate that," the Brit concludes.