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Turmoil in Mexico: 'Verstappen's car is much faster'

Turmoil in Mexico: 'Verstappen's car is much faster'

04-08-2023 07:09 Last update: 08:53


Another stir from Mexico. Mexican businessman Artura Elias Ayub reacted to the huge difference between Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez after the Belgian Grand Prix. In an interview with Fox Latin America and in now-deleted tweets, the businessman insinuated that Perez does not have access to the same equipment that Verstappen drives.

Allegations from Mexican businessman

Max Verstappen won the Belgian Grand Prix with a lead of twenty-two seconds over teammate Sergio Perez. This while Verstappen had to come from the sixth starting position. Businessman Artura Elias Ayub concludes that the big difference between the two drivers is because the Mexican driver is in a slower car than Verstappen. Salient detail; Ayub is the son-in-law of Carlos Slim, a major sponsor of Perez.

In an interview on Fox Latin America, Ayub revealed,"Verstappen cannot make such a difference. No driver can make such a difference. Max's car just has to be much faster than Perez's." The statement was immediately picked up by several Mexican media and the businessman also reacted on Twitter, but these tweets have since been deleted.

Reaction from Peter Windsor

Several Formula 1 promoters have since responded to Ayub's allegations. Analyst Peter Windsor declares the statements to be untrue. He sees no reason to believe that Red Bull is indeed giving different material to their drivers. "None of this is true and even if it were true, why would Red Bull fiddle with Sergio Perez's car?"