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Hill on Alonso: 'He lost a lot of friends then'

Hill on Alonso: 'He lost a lot of friends then'

17-05-2023 20:16 Last update: 22:54


After many bad collaborations, Fernando Alonso seems to be having the time of his life at his new team Aston Martin. Damon Hill argued that Alonso has lost many friends due to his behaviour at his previous teams and that the Spaniard is now a huge asset to the sport.

Before Alonso went to Aston Martin, he worked with many other teams. The two-time World Champion was with Alpine, McLaren and Ferrari, among others, but all these collaborations eventually broke down. With his current British team, however, things are going much better, with the Spaniard often praising his team and car over the board radio and in the media.

Hill sees a better Alonso

Hill thinks Alonso has been too hard on his old employers and the Spaniard has now learned from that. "He over played his hand at McLaren, and then he did something similar at Ferrari. He insulted Honda because he called it a GP2 engine, he lost a lot of friends," said the former-World Champion in the F1Nation podcast.

These days, Alonso is super enthusiastic about his current employer, but the two-time World Champion also praised his teammate. Hill thinks Alonso has changed from before. "He's on his best behaviour, or maybe he's a changed man. I like to think it's the latter, I think he has changed, matured and became a massive asset to the sport."