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Alpine and Szafnauer make every effort to attract new engineers

15 May at 14:11
Last update 15 May at 14:56
  • Toby McLuskie

Alpine wants to invest. A new simulator has been ordered (which won't be ready for at least a year and a half) and a fair amount of money will also be put into other infrastructure in the coming period. In addition, attracting additional personnel with exceptional qualities is also one of the French team's spearheads. However, Otmar Szafnauer knows that this is not so easy.

However, these employees are often tied up with other teams. Even if you remove someone now, a 'gardening leave' follows. As a result, it takes at least six months anyway (sometimes up to a year) before someone can actually start working for their new employer.

"People who can help the team and make a difference usually have long-term contracts," Szafnauer argues. Nevertheless, the Alpine team boss does see opportunities. "You have to understand what the people you want to contract want in life. Then the question is whether you can offer people more of that than the team they are currently working for. If the answer is yes, then they will come. Some may be stuck in a position with no prospect of promotion. Then the chances are good."

Aston Martin prime example

The team at Aston Martin is a prime example that, by attracting the right people, you can make a lot of progress in a relatively short time. Szafnauer, as a former team boss at Aston Martin, was responsible for bringing in many personnel from Red Bull and Mercedes. Dan Fallows and Eric Blandin are the two biggest examples, but there are plenty more. "Guess who picked them then?" says Szafnauer to Auto, Motor und Sport.

Aston Martin picked up 55 points last year, finishing seventh in the constructors' championship. This year, however, everything is different. In five Grands Prix, it recorded four podium finishes. The British formation is now in provisional second place in the World Constructors' Championship. Alpine has to make do with sixth place, having finished fourth last year.

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