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Marko on Vettel as successor: 'We are often in touch'

Marko on Vettel as successor: 'We are often in touch'

24-04-2023 16:18 Last update: 17:07


Dr Helmut Marko is now in his 19th year as an advisor at Red Bull Racing. It has often been said that Sebastian Vettel is a suitable successor to the man from Graz. At Blick, the advisor himself elaborated on this claim.

Marko has been an advisor at Red Bull since 2005 and has enjoyed hugely successful periods during that time. These included the dominant period with Vettel between 2010 and 2013, now his team is dominant again, but with Max Verstappen. This Thursday, Marko will turn 80.

Vettel successor Marko?

Vettel ended his impressive career in Formula 1 after last season. At Red Bull, the German had huge successes, winning four world titles in a row. However, the four-time world champion could not live up to it at Ferrari. Now that he has quit, there is much talk of a return to his team where he enjoyed so much success.

Marko, too, has not missed these rumours and elaborated on them to Blick. "That's really a bit hasty. My next goal is the third world title with Max Verstappen.

"We are often in touch. Seb is currently still in the phase of self-discovery. I don't think he wants to travel to every race again and work more. With significantly less pay!", said the Austrian.