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Vasseur again points to budget cap penalty for Red Bull: 'It was too light'

Vasseur again points to budget cap penalty for Red Bull: 'It was too light'

07-04-2023 07:51 Last update: 08:26


Frederic Vasseur does not believe Red Bull Racing was punished enough last season. The Ferrari team boss does not want to take anything away from his rival's current performance, but according to the BBC he is critical of the decision made last year.

In 2022, the team of Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez received a seven-million-dollar fine and had ten per cent of its available time in the wind tunnel and CFD taken away. A huge penalty, Christian Horner ruled, especially after the team had already been dragged through the mud in the run-up to the punishment.

Vasseur on Red Bull's punishment

However, the Austrian racing stable does not seem to suffer much, as the first three Grands Prix in 2023 were won by a wide margin. The RB19 is almost even more dominant than its predecessor. According to Vasseur, this is due to Red Bull's punishment.

''I am still convinced the penalty was very light. I don't want to say they didn't do a good job because, honestly, they did a very good job on the car. I am not trying to find an excuse at all, but if you ask me if the penalty is too light, I say yes,'' said the Italians' new team boss.

For Ferrari, the season has started much less well. Under Vasseur's leadership, only 26 points were brought in and the team is fourth among constructors. Indeed, besides Mercedes lis Aston Martin also started the season much better.