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FIA leaves it at that: 'Hamilton can keep jewellery'

FIA leaves it at that: 'Hamilton can keep jewellery'

03-03-2023 11:33 Last update: 15:22


Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton was missing from the FIA's list of drivers who must agree to the rules on wearing jewellery. Hamilton, therefore, had to come to the stewards. A decision was made: Hamilton will be allowed to keep his jewellery.

It was a debate between Hamilton and the FIA last year. Hamilton disagreed with the rule that all piercings and jewellery had to come off while driving an F1 car on the track. Even in 2023, Hamilton seemed to disagree. His name was not on the list, Mercedes had included his teammate George Russell.

Exception for Hamilton

The Brit had to answer to the stewards and the FIA decided that no further action would be taken. That's because Mercedes has come up with a doctor's note asking for an exception. The FIA agrees with what the doctor had to say. Taking the piercing in and out could cause damage to the driver's face.