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'This is the breakdown of the 2022 prize money'

'This is the breakdown of the 2022 prize money'

03-03-2023 10:44 Last update: 15:19


The Swiss medium Blick.ch publishes the distribution of prize money in Formula 1 in 2022. The striking fact is that Ferrari's "historic advantage" ensures that the team gets more money than the championship winning team Red Bull Racing.

The Swiss medium also highlights Sauber, who compete in F1 as Alfa Romeo F1. The team went from P9 to P6 in the championship in 2022, making a big step up in prize money. Blick writes that the team got 26 million more last year.

'Champion Red Bull gets less than Ferrari'

Of the more than $1.1 billion paid out as prize money, 25 per cent goes to teams that have been world champions in the past. Ferrari have also been getting an extra amount for years, because they have been associated with F1 for so long. Due to the arrangements made in F1, a remarkable list emerges, according to the medium. On this list, it is not Red Bull that gets the most prize money after the championship, but Ferrari.

Ferrari would get $200 million and Red Bull 'only' 169. The third team on the grid, Mercedes, were paid 159 million. That is only 10 million less than champion Red Bull. So the championships the teams achieved in the past are still lucrative. Indeed, McLaren who didn't have a strong year in 2022 pocketed 113 million. Alpine comes right behind with 112 million (Renault's championships). Williams who have been at the back of the grid for years are not the least-earning team even by historical success. Williams received 80 million. More than Haas and AlphaTauri, who got 78 and 72 million respectively.