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Jewellery debate resurfaces: Mercedes don't list Hamilton

Jewellery debate resurfaces: Mercedes don't list Hamilton

03-03-2023 10:13 Last update: 10:51


The first Grand Prix of 2023 has not yet started, but the first debate is already happening. Mercedes have not confirmed Lewis Hamilton in the form of wearing jewellery.

Hamilton misses out on list

The FIA is again strict when it comes to compliance in 2023. For example, drivers are not allowed to wear jewellery and piercings in the cockpit. Before the race weekend, teams must confirm to the FIA that the drivers have been checked by the team. This has been done by all teams except Mercedes.

Mercedes did put George Russell on the list, but Lewis Hamilton's number 44 is missing from the list. The regulations state that if a driver fails this check, he will be referred to the stewards. There, therefore, the Briton will have to answer for wearing or not wearing the jewellery.