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Tyre change for Verstappen for Red Bull

Verstappen discovers new skill at Red Bull and experiences a different side

18 February at 08:29
Last update 18 February at 11:03
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Two-time world champion Max Verstappen benefits from Red Bull Racing's excellent pit stops every year. The Austrian racing team are known for their ability to perform very quick tyre changes, which often give Verstappen an edge over the competition. In pre-season, the Dutchman decided to experience the other side for once.

Indeed, on social media, Red Bull shared a video of Verstappen standing with a wheel gun in his hand to change a tyre. Despite the actual time not being measured, the driver showed that he has skills in this area too.

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Enthusiasm about RB19

Verstappen will have other things on his mind in the coming days, as three more test days in Bahrain are already scheduled next week. He is expected to drive around in his car for a day and a half, while his teammate Sergio Perez will account for the other time.

For now, with the RB19, Red Bull believe they have a car which can give them success again. However, it remains to be seen what the competition has managed to pull off. The Formula 1 season gets underway in Bahrain at the beginning of March.