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Hamilton on diversity in Formula 1: 'Domenicali has a good vision'

Hamilton on diversity in Formula 1: 'Domenicali has a good vision'

16-02-2023 17:06 Last update: 17:56


Lewis Hamilton is fighting for more diversity in Formula 1 and does so through his own foundations, Ignite (in partnership with Mercedes) and Mission 44. On Wednesday, he explained how these foundations are doing in front of the Sky Sports F1 camera.

“Well the car in 2020, going black, was a huge step for Mercedes and just acknowledging the social issues there are, and our commitment to, you know, making changes not only within our team but within the sport and the wider society,” Hamilton said. The car has that same black colour this year.

The Brit's projects appear successful. Hamilton hopes he can eventually extend them to the United States and Africa. In any case, he is already proud of the people in his team: they work hard, engage in difficult discussions and seize opportunities in the field of diversity and inclusiveness.

Evidence of success

Hamilton also sees success in other areas. By partnering with multiple foundations, the seven-time World Champion has ensured that children from different backgrounds can now visit the Mercedes factory. As a result, these children want to learn more about the opportunities within the sport and spread their enthusiasm to classmates as well.

Hamilton went on to speak highly of F1 boss Stefano Domenicali. He described the Italian as a proper leader and a man with a good vision when it comes to diversity and inclusivity.