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Steiner ready for F1 2023: Whole organisation has been working hard

Steiner ready for F1 2023: "Whole organisation has been working hard"

31-01-2023 14:15 Last update: 16:09


It could rightly be called a summary presentation. No more than a press release with a few quotes and a bunch of pictures of the car's design, that was the launch of the new Haas F1 for 2023. What the car will look like technically is still unknown. Yet team boss Günther Steiner was already short of praise.

In the press release, Steiner said: "I like the livery, it’s undoubtedly a more elevated and modernized look which is fitting as we move into a new era alongside MoneyGram as our title partner. It’s an exciting time of year for Formula 1 and it’s great that we’re first out the gate to showcase our livery." 

Building on last year

All is well and good, but the importance comes on whether Haas can progress into the midfield. "We are determined to get the VF-23 on track and prepare well for the season," Steiner said. "Our attention is firmly on getting the VF-23 on-track and preparing for the season ahead. We really have something to build on following last year’s performances. The whole organisation has been working hard to reach this point and obviously in Kevin (Magnussen) and Nico (Hülkenberg) we have two proven points-scoring talents locked in behind the wheel. I can’t wait to get started.”