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Montoya: 'How Verstappen works is cool to see'

Montoya: 'How Verstappen works is cool to see'

28-01-2023 14:27 Last update: 14:33


Seven-time Grand Prix winner Juan Pablo Montoya is optimistic about the upcoming Formula One season for Max Verstappen and Red Bull Racing. In an interview with Motorsport.com the Colombian tells what he expects in 2023.

The former F1 driver says chances are high for Verstappen and his team. He thinks the Dutchman is mentally strong at the moment, which will have positive implications. "He knows he can beat anyone. Then again, if you have a car you can win with, it looks favourable for you. Then he will definitely get the job done again as well."

Verstappen had to work hard

Red Bull was almost unbeatable in the second half of last season. However, Montoya says he saw that Verstappen struggled with his car in the first half of the season and had to work extra hard to produce good performances. In the second half of the 2022 season, that hard work was rewarded. Little went wrong with the Dutchman, his team or his car. In the end, Verstappen won his second world championship. "Max really had to put his best foot forward, but he did and that was cool to see," Montoya said.