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Verstappen jokes: I don't think my girlfriend would appreciate that

Verstappen jokes: "I don't think my girlfriend would appreciate that"

14-01-2023 14:57 Last update: 15:37

Max Verstappen is driving at the virtual 24 Hours of Le Mans this weekend. This is not the first time the two-time Formula 1 champion has taken part in the event on behalf of Team Redline, of which he has been a member for many years. Verstappen spends a lot of time sim racing and therefore takes the activity very seriously.

Everyone sets up their rig differently and for many, the simulator can be found in the living room or bedroom, but the latter is not an option for Verstappen. "The bedroom? I don’t think the girlfriend would appreciate that!" he laughs in an interview with The Washington Post. "Especially since you have late nights talking to your team members — and I definitely don’t think she’d appreciate that. But here in Monaco, the living room is perfect for me."

Sim racing a serious hobby for Verstappen

Sim racing may be a hobby, but it is one that Verstappen takes extremely seriously. Thus, he can often be found in the simulator as he practices for virtual races. Whereas during practice sessions he is still sometimes distracted by his two cats and girlfriend Kelly Piquet's daughter, the simulator is off limits during the race.

"On race day, I make sure no one is interfering — I close the doors and no one is allowed within 10 meters of my simulator," the Red Bull Racing driver says. Incidentally, as soon as he is relieved during such a long-distance race, he does not immediately dive into his bed. "Once I hop off the simulator, I’m always on my phone to watch what’s developing in our driver chat. And I put the broadcast on TV to follow what’s happening live."

Apart from the fact that he finds sim racing fun to do, he says it helps Verstappen become a more versatile driver because he drives all kinds of different cars. "So, you have to be adaptive and change your driving style, since every car demands something else as far as steering input, throttle and driving lines. I’m constantly learning and adapting to what I need to do in each car to go as quick as possible," Verstappen said.