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Strong criticism of Horner decision: 'Very blinkered view on life'

Strong criticism of Horner decision: 'Very blinkered view on life'

04-01-2023 08:49 Last update: 10:31


David Coulthard did not think it was a wise decision by Red Bull Racing to boycott Sky Sports last season. The former Formula 1 driver believes criticism is part and parcel of Formula 1 and that every team suffers from it, he told The Mirror.

Christian Horner explained the boycott at the time, stating that the Austrian formation was struggling. Coulthard does not understand the reaction, as other teams have historically had a much harder time. "I can only imagine how much stick Ferrari get in Italy every single day, for example," he revealed.

While Coulthard understands that it is difficult for athletes to deal with all the criticism, he believes it is part of sport. According to him, it is important that analysts feel free to comment on the aspects they have seen. In doing so, it does not always have to be positive.

"If you only ever see things from people who agree with you or say nice things about you, then that's a very blinkered view on life. I suspect McLaren are sensitive to some criticism, and Mercedes had some criticism during their dominant era as well. You've just got to accept it."

Red Bull and Sky Sports repair bond

Max Verstappen decided to sit down with the English medium after the Mexico Grand Prix, in which the boycott took place, to clear up the misunderstanding. After the race weekend, both parties then decided to put the past behind them and resume interviews.