Third stage of Dakar Rally halted: 'Can't guarantee safety anymore'

Third stage of Dakar Rally halted: 'Can't guarantee safety anymore'

03-01-2023 11:55 Last update: 12:53


The third stage of the Dakar Rally has been cancelled. Competitors will be stopped from waypoint three due to deteriorating weather conditions.

Dakar Rally halted

The third stage in the 2023 Dakar Rally was from Alula to Ha'il a sloppy 670 kilometres for the competitors. However, the stage was plagued by bad weather conditions. In those conditions, it already had to say goodbye to the first American Dakar winner in the motorbikes. Indeed, Ricky Brabec crashed after 274 and had to be taken to hospital.

However, at 2:25PM local time, the organisers decided that the stage would be called off as the safety of the participants could no longer be guaranteed. As a number of participants (from the motorbikes) have already finished, a calculation will be made of the remaining participants based on the intervals at the first measuring points. The cars and trucks will be stopped at intermediate point three, where the day's results will also be determined.