'Horner sent sexual messages and wanted to cover up the case'

2024-02-16 15:52:32 by GPblog.com

According to De Telegraaf, Christian Horner has been accused of sexual misconduct. In addition, Horner's camp reportedly tried to cover up the case with a hefty settlement.

During Red Bull Racing's car launch, Horner was there to present the new RB20. The Red Bull Racing team boss also addressed some questions about the investigation. Horner himself strenuously denies any inappropriate behaviour, but De Telegraaf now reports otherwise.

Why Red Bull is taking Horner's case so seriously

The Dutch medium has seen WhatsApp messages between Red Bull's female employee and Horner. It shows Horner sent sexual messages to the employee regularly and over a considerable period of time.

According to De Telegraaf, Horner also allegedly did everything possible to cover up the matter. After allegedly facing the investigation, Horner reportedly offered a settlement for a whopping £650,000.

Horner remains employed by Red Bull Racing for now, pending Red Bull's decision. They have obtained the findings of the independent lawyer and must now decide on the future of Red Bull Racing's CEO and team boss.

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