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Tuscany Ferrari 1000 Grand Prix

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Formula 1 Tuscany Ferrari 1000 Grand Prix

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, the 1000th Ferrari Grand Prix in Formula 1 will take place at their home circuit in Mugello. This Italian track has never organised a Formula 1 Grand Prix before, but because it is difficult for the top class of motorsport to drive outside of Europe (also logistically speaking), we have a second GP in Italy this year. The first 2020 Grand Prix in Italy will take place at Monza a week earlier.

Second Italian Grand Prix 2020

The destination will be Mugello. The circuit, located near Florence, is 5.245 kilometres long. A lap takes a relatively long time to complete because the track has only one long straight and fourteen turns.

The Mugello circuit might not be a regular venue for Formula 1, but the course is mainly used by various classes in motorsport, including the highest class MotoGP.

Mugello is the home track of Ferrari. The Italian superpower owns the circuit and therefore regularly finishes their test days on this race track. 

What does the race weekend at Mugello look like?

The story of Ferrari's 1,000th race in Formula 1 will dominate the weekend. How the corona rules will shape the Italian party is still in question.

Mugello's debut in the motorsport class is scheduled for a week after the Grand Prix at Monza. The first two free practice sessions will take place on Friday 11 September 2020. These are scheduled for 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM UK time. Because there is little or no data available, Formula 1 teams need to record as many laps as possible during these sessions. 

The day after, on Saturday, the teams have one last chance to make the final changes to the set-up in the third free practice session. At 14:00, during qualifying, the drivers will have 60 minutes to push for the quickest lap in an attempt to get pole position. The Mugello Grand Prix starts on Sunday at 2:10 PM, as with all other European competitions.

What time does the Mugello Grand Prix start?

The Mugello Grand Prix in Formula 1 starts at the traditional time of 2:10 PM. An hour before the race starts, the GPBlog liveblog will update you with the latest developments of the Grand Prix. As usual, the race weekend will be broadcast live on Sky Sports in the United Kingdom.