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Tip the Editors

Would you like to inform our editors about news that is not yet on GPblog? That's possible! 

With the form below you can tip us by passing a link or a complete article. As you know, we attach great importance to the reliability of our news. For this reason, mentioning a source is mandatory. This source must be verifiable for the editors, otherwise we will not post the article.

Logically, the editors of GPblog do not guarantee that your submitted news will actually be published on GPblog. In addition, the situation may occur that a GPblog editor will already be working on the article while we receive your tip. 

If you decide to tip us, your personal details will be treated confidentially and they will not be provided to third parties.

Do not use the form below for questions, comments or complaints. In that case, please contact the editors via the contact page.

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