Verstappen analyses his pole lap: 'The perfect lap is really difficult'

20-06-2021 11:28

Max Verstappen took pole position at Paul-Ricard by over two tenths for the French Grand Prix, with Lewis Hamilton set to start second in France. This is a good sign for Red Bull Racing, as Paul-Ricard was known as a pure Mercedes circuit. Joining Karun Chandhok at Sky Sports, Verstappen goes over the fastest lap of the weekend.

The Dutchman was the only one who managed to get his fastest time under 1.30. "Here it's extremely difficult to get the perfect lap, because of the layout of the track. You can't be the fastest in all corners," Verstappen explained. "Because we drive with lower downforce, we can't really push on the entry of the corner. So I have to focus on the exit because that's where our strong point starts."

Verstappen hopes for a dry race

Finally, the Dutchman also gives his expectations for the race. Although there is a chance of rain for this afternoon, he told Chandhok on Saturday that he is not particularly looking forward to that.

"We've had that (dry conditions) all weekend and the car is going very well in normal conditions. So I hope it stays like it was this weekend. I still expect an exciting race, we were a little bit ahead in qualifying, but in the race it's all close together."

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