Norris on Verstappen crash: 'Could have been a lot worse'

12-06-2021 12:47

The crash of Max Verstappen in Baku. The most discussed topic of the past weekend. Even Sergio Perez's win, Sebastian Vettel and Pierre Gasly's podium, Lewis Hamilton going straight at the first corner and Lance Stroll's crash do not equal it.

Lando Norris, quite active on social media and on Twitch, often reacts to important events and F1 memes after races. Norris doesn't see these moments happening, of course, because during the race he is mainly focused on his own performance.

On Twitch, the young Brit reacted to the sudden crash of Verstappen. His reaction says a lot: "You know what would have been worse: if he had crashed to the left. It's a good thing he crashed to the right" said the McLaren driver. Norris himself finished the Baku GP on a nice fifth place.

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