Get an in-depth look behind the scenes at Formula E

08-04-2021 18:50

To get a good glimpse into Formula 1, we've had the Netflix series Drive to Survive for a few years now. Formula E, on the other hand, isn't followed by the familiar streaming platform, but that didn't stop the FIA and the sport from doing their own. The result is a video almost half an hour long, looking back on the past six seasons. It also looks ahead a bit, considering Formula E is here to stay.

The creation, the development and the future

The short documentary looks back at the origins of Formula E, what the FIA's role is in it and much more. It also explains well what the purpose of the sport is, with an emphasis on 'bringing the show' to the people. Also interesting is the big difference with Formula 1. In Formula 1, the teams are responsible for their own development, while in Formula E there is a more uniform basis.

In several chapters all these issues and more are discussed, which offers an interesting look behind the scenes. Partly thanks to several former F1 drivers and other leading figures who share their opinions. Watch the documentary above.

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