Verstappen is still waiting for Russell: "Send it!"

04-12-2020 06:54

George Russell will make his debut for Mercedes this weekend in Bahrain. This will of course not go unnoticed during the press conference of Red Bull Racing, where Max Verstappen and Alexander Albon were present. Verstappen jokes to his team mate about Russell's topless selfie.

The young British driver is known for regularly putting selfies with a bare torso on social media. Verstappen asks his team mate: "Has he already sent you a topless selfie in the Mercedes suit? Albon then responds by stating that he does not have 'that kind' of relationship with Russell.

"Maybe he'll post it on Instagram anyway. That's what he often does, I wait for it. Send it," Verstappen says. From minute 2:05 the fragment can be seen again.

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