Coulthard wins first round in Race of Champions, but spins in second

29-01-2023 11:36 Last update: 29-01-2023 14:20

David Coulthard has had a spin in the group stage of the 2023 Race of Champions. Initially, things were looking good for the former Formula 1 driver, who won his first race of the day.

Win & spin for Coulthard

Coulthard took on eTouring Car champion Adrien Tambay, son of former F1 driver Patrick Tambay. In the first round, it was the Scot who was victorious, but in the second round, he was a little too enthusiastic and ended up facing sideways because of a spin.

That meant a considerable loss of time, with the 13-time Grand Prix winner clocking a slower overall time than Tambay. He will have to sit out the rest of the event as a spectator. A setback for the 51-year-old Scot, who has won the Race of Champions twice in the past.

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